Will my counselor counsel alone or together with someone else?

In many cases the latter. There may be several reasons for doing so. Let me mention just two. In the case where a man is counseling a woman, it is the better part of propriety to bring in a second counselor (usually an elder) to give everyone a sense of added security. This is especially the case when marriage and sexual matters are about to be discussed.

In the second scenario, the counselor may have another counselor along for training purposes. In that case, as also in the former, there will be two heads instead of one to consider your problems. They may be able to discuss matters thoroughly with one another after session, thereby throwing additional light your case. Either way, the presence of two or three counselors, working as a team, will bring to counseling more than one person alone could. Often, one person can pick up facts that another might pass over. That being the situation, don't be alarmed at the presence of more than one counselor. It is to your decided advantage.

When there are multiple counselors if your principal counselor must be absent because of sickness or for other reasons, counseling may still be able to continue (such consistency and regularity is an important matter) in his absence. That is another advantage over a single counselor.

And, if there should be a question about what commitments were made, what your or your principal counselor said—or something else—there is always someone else to help straighten this out.

So, if, at first, it seemed strange or foreboding to think of more than one counselor, these explanations ought to help dispel any hesitancy that may have caused. Instead, you should look forward with enthusiasm to having such great attention paid to your problems.

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