What if I don't have what it takes to endure?

Clearly, there is often much to endure in counseling---which isn't always a simple, pleasant process. God's Word may require you to things that are new, different and possibly very objectionable to you. Yet, you must be able to endure to complete counseling successfully.* You may consider yourself "weak." Indeed, in the past, you may have even proven yourself weak in many ways. How, then, can you expect this time to be different?

The Bible makes it clear that "endurance" (the ability to hang in there when things get tough) comes from "hope" (1 Thessalonians 1:3). Hope is that expectation that the believer has from learning trusting in God's promises. God's Hope comes when the Holy Spirit gives it to those who need it (Romans 15:13). But He doesn't simply "zap" that hope into him. No, it comes when the Spirit uses His Word, the Bible, to bring about hope (anticipation, expectation).

That is what Romans 15:4 says: Whatever was written before was written for our instruction, that by the endurance and the encouragement that the Scriptures give us we may have hope.

The Bible is the product of the Holy Spirit written through chosen men. He did not give us this wonderful book, only to ignore it. No. He now works through the Scriptures to change and mold our lives. And it is precisely by the encouraging promises of the Bible that one is able to hold out when the going gets difficult.

So, you and your counselor must fill your heart and mind with the expectations of Scripture to meet and overcome your weaknesses. It is confident expectation that God will fulfill His promises that enables one to endure hard things. Strength can be yours—in that way.

 * That is, in a way that satisfies and pleases God.

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