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Here we have posted an annotated bibliography of Dr. Adams' books. We plan to add to it a list of articles and reviews he has contributed to multi-author works, Journals, magazines, and blogs.   →→→

Our Podcasts

Earlier in his career Dr. Adams produced his own daily ten minute radio program. We have been able to obtain those recordings and post them as a daily podcast--available both here on our website and through iTunes→→→

Our Written Resources

This section is the largest and is divided into two sub-sections. Click on the links for a full description of each section.

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Our Resources

One of our purposes as an Institute is to serve as the legacy organization for Dr. Adams, not in order to idolize a man but to preserve for the generations to come the fruit of Dr. Adams' life labors. We believe that future generations will be reading and quoting Jay Adams 100 years from now the same way that today we read and quote Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Ryle, Machen, C.S. Lewis, and Lloyd-Jones.

We have divided this archival section of our website into the catagories you see listed above. If we have missed something that you would like us to post please let us know. Obviously, we cannot post things that publishers have under copyright. But, as you will see, there is a growing list of obscure articles, reviews, and now out of print materials that are available here. Please remember, that while these things are posted for your edification and enjoyment, they are not in the public domain and remain copyrighted by both Dr. Adams and the Institute. Please write to us for permission to re-post or re-print anything you see on this site.

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