Questions from counselors

After dealing with general matters, I place this section next. Why? Because counseling itself is not my principal concern, though it is of great importance. I focus largely upon helping and training those who do counseling. I have done much counseling over the years but my greater ministry has been in the field of training.* If there are ways in which I can help others to do what I, myself, have found such a blessing, I want to be involved.

Most of my books and the instruction that I have given in various places, has stressed the need for the sort of training that neither I nor many other men had when we headed from seminary out into the pastorate. The man in the trenches, trying his best to serve Jesus Christ, has been neglected. I want to help. I am not unconcerned about counselees, of course, but I think the best way to reach them is by training counselors to counsel biblically. This section of the book, therefore, is dedicated to the hardworking, but often severely handicapped men who are doing their best to counsel their people with inadequate training and resources.

* Much training has been done by taking trainees as participant observers into actual counseling sessions. This was rarely done in Christian circles until we did so.

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