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I hope not. Since biblical counseling is done under the auspices of local congregations, it is usually offered as a free service to the members of the church and to the community. If any sort of financial arrangement is made, that will ordinarily not go beyond the amounts needed for added heat, light and secretarial services. The counselor himself will counsel as a ministry. If, where there is no fee charged, as counselee wishes to give an offering, he should make out his check to the church, not to the counselor.

Some counselees who have successfully completed counseling wish to learn to counsel informally so that they can help others in ways in which they were helped. This is laudable, but often not wise if they venture out in this direction too soon. First, they ought to be sure that they are thoroughly rooted and grounded in the new ways they learned from counseling. Then, in time, they might wish to pursue training.

Some congregations have training programs for members and others outside of their congregations. Usually, members are allowed to take this training free. Outsiders may be screened and non-members may or may not be charged a fee for instruction. All of these matters ought to be investigated before making any sort of agreement. You will not want any misunderstandings to arise from not doing so. Nouthetic counselors are deeply concerned to avoid any and all suspicion about money.

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