I've been to counseling before, and it hasn't worked. What makes you think it will be any different this time?

Well, I can guarantee you that it won't "work" this time either if you approach it with that attitude. Indeed, you are courting failure. You must come to counseling with biblical hope. The word "hope" in the Bible doesn't mean "hope so," but expectation, anticipation of a certainty. When Paul spoke of the "blessed hope," He did not think that Christ's coming was a hope so event; no, he believed it to be a certainty. The word in Titus 2:13 means the "joyous anticipation" or the "happy expectation." It is a hope simply because it hasn't yet taken place.

You must come with the attitude that God's promises do not fail. Nouthetic counseling is based solely upon those promises. It is very different from other types of counseling. There is certainty about biblical counseling! If your hopes have come crashing down before, that is because you were trusting in the wrong thing—the promises of men rather than God. Or, if you counseled with a biblical counselor, your attitude was wrong, you did the wrong things or you had a counselor who claimed to be "Nouthetic" when he really wasn't.

So, let me reassure you. If God in His Word makes a promise that applies to your situation, and you do as He directs, He will not only give you the wisdom and the strength to do as He requires, but He will enable you to complete the task. Now, of course, you must be willing to welcome His outcome; not insist on your own. That is the right attitude with which to approach biblical counseling. Do not come demanding, but humbly seeking; taking God at His Word and His decisions as the very best. If that is the way you approach counseling, things will go well.

Well, how about it? Are you ready to try again? God's way?

Jay E Adams

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