How will I deal with people who have suffered great loss?

Obviously, the tragic results of the terrorist destruction in New York and Washington when the planes hit the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon set forth the difference between what unconverted psychologists and Christian ministers and laymen have to offer. Pious platitudes are not enough in a time of fear, tragedy, injury and death. What has the world to offer in such times as these? Even Congress, convening for the first time after the horror, sang God Bless America! They didn't mouth sayings from Rogers, Freud, Maslow or others! Incidentally, have you noticed? People don't write songs about psychological theories!

My friend, what you do in dealing with people in such times is quite clear: you present the gospel to those who know nothing of Christ, and you remind believers of the hope (expectation) of their eternal inheritance (1 Peter 1 :6-9). In life and death contexts, the only thing that makes sense is to speak of life and death matters. However, it is not merely temporal but eternal life and death issues that count.

Sometimes it takes great tragedies to awaken people who otherwise believe they are self sufficient. God uses horrific events even to awaken nations. You, as a counselor who has been given the privilege of dealing with such people, should take advantage of such occasions to proclaim the hope that there is in Jesus Christ.

No one seems to be saying it, but the nature of the religion of Islam, with its doctrine of the "holy war" is behind world terrorism. Christians should recognize from this how important doctrine is. Doctrine cannot be considered merely an academic thing; as has been said, "Ideas have consequences." Unless biblical ideas are abroad in counseling, similarly, ill effects will result for counselees.

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