How can I be sure that what my counselor tells me is God's will?

You will never know by looking for peace, feelings, sensings, promptings in the spirit, circumstances or any other such thing. I have exposed the unbiblical fallacy of doing so in my book, The Christian's Guide to Guidance. These methods of attempting to ascertain God's will are unbiblical. That is why you not only can't trust them but doubtless will go wrong if you do.

What then can you do to be sure that you are following God's will? You must have solid biblical reasons for your actions. Until you do, you should not take any new action. That is clear from Romans 14: 19-23. The upshot of those verses, which end with the words "whatever isn't done in faith is sin," is that you should put on hold any such action until such a time as you are certain that you have biblical warrant for it. This is the important "holding principle" that your counselor may tell you about.

But once you have a solid biblical reason for moving ahead, you should not hesitate—no matter how new or difficult it may be to do it. By "a solid biblical reason" I mean a reason (or reasons) that grow out of biblical teaching that has been clearly explained and accurately applied. Do not merely take your counselor's word for something; ask him to show you the biblical reason why he is telling you to do whatever he recommends. If you don't understand his explanations, then tell him so and ask him to make it clearer. You must know what God says in His Word.

You may not operate on supposition or anything less than absolute certainty that you are in God's will according to His Word. You are obligated to listen carefully to the explanations that your counselor gives. Don't settle for what he says. Be sure that you understand his interpretations, that you agree with them, and that you are moving forward with certainty based on biblical truth solidly explained.

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