How can I be sure my counselor is Nouthetic?

This is an important question. Today, there are persons on the internet and elsewhere, who are not really a part of the Nouthetic movement who have adopted the title. Because we have not copyrighted it, we cannot stop them from doing so. However, there are ways of making sure that you have the "genuine article."

Moreover, you should question a prospective non-certified counselor. Ask, "Do you use the Bible alone or do you incorporate outside materials in your counseling?" Ask, "Where did you get your training?" Ask, "will you be able to justify biblically what you are doing at every point should I ask you?" Questions of this sort ought to elicit useful answers. If someone is offended by them, you should be wary of him. Most Nouthetic counselors would be delighted to meet an intelligent counselee who is aware enough to ask such questions.

Moreover, the atmosphere of the counseling session (should you begin counseling) will tell you a lot. Was there prayer? Did the counselor use the Bible? Did he just listen, or did he assign biblical homework? Did his discussion flow from the Bible? Did he honor God in what he was saying? In short, was the counseling climate distinctively Christian? If you could not tell the difference between what was going on and what might occur in a secular counseling session, you may have reason to start asking more questions.

Agree to counseling only when you are sure that counseling will be biblical. Tragically, some who think their counseling is biblical fail to see that it isn't. That is why you must be the final judge.

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