Our Curriculum

Below are the courses in our Certificate in Biblical Counseling track. While students can take courses in any order, as much as is possible we want students to take the courses in the order presented here. It is essential, however, that all students begin with the Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling course.

Course List


Lectures Course Instructor Tuition
22 Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling Adams $35
15 Counseling Problems Arms $35
14 The Use of Scripture in Counseling Adams $35
10 Church Discipline / Forgiveness Adams $35
15 Marriage and Family Counseling Arms $35

Divorce & Remarriage / Premarital Counseling / Crisis Counseling

Adams / Slattery $35
10 Critical Stages in Biblical Counseling Adams $35
15 Theology and Counseling Adams $35
10 Medical Issues in Counseling Smith $35
10 Counseling Women Peace $35
22 Casebook Studies Adams / Arms $35

Financial Information

We have slashed our tuition! Courses that we once had to charge up to $195 are now all $35 each. We want to make studying biblical counseling under Dr. Adams affordable for as many people as possible. This is a permanent price cut. Students can pay for each course as they are studied so there is no significant upfront cost to studying.



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