A Word of Caution

How about a word of caution from the apostle Paul that probably applies across the board to people in all sorts of churches—yes, even where the Bible is supreme.

Here is what he wrote under the moving of the Holy Spirit:

Every charge must be substantiated by the mouth of two or three witnesses (2 Corinthians 13:1).

Now, if that word were heeded among Christians, there would be far greater peace in their respective congregations.

There is nothing esoteric, confusing or difficult about the verse. There is no context to define it—except for the fact that the Corinthians were always at each other’s throats about something or other.

It means what it says: don’t bring a charge against anyone without being able to substantiate it. The 2 or 3 witness clause refers back to the Old Testament rule for witnesses (Dt. 17:6; 19:15).

There are too many who seem to think it is legitimate (if they think about it at all) to talk negatively about others with impunity. Not so. It is a serious matter before the Lord. If there is something to be said about your preacher, or about another member of the congregation, then do so formally (as this verse directs) or keep quiet! (I almost wrote “shut up”).

Uncharitable talk is rife among church members—I mean genuine believers. Indeed, whenever you hear it, you ought not to become a trash can to receive it. Squelch it by reciting this verse!


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