Hard—but not Hardened


You can’t know what it’s like until you have it!

In fact, it’s almost impossible to describe. The tingling, stinging sensation is so strong at times that you can’t keep your foot still. It’s no fun.

Recently, my bouts with it have decreased. So, when it does appear, out of the blue now-a days, it comes almost as a shock.

A lot of things shock us. But counselors must get past being shocked. They will learn, as one does when he has constant neuropathic symptoms, to “live with ‘em.”

Some of the most unbelievable torture to which people put themselves by their failure to follow biblical teaching, is truly shocking. There are times when you want to stop them from accounting what they have done, it’s so appalling. But you don’t, of course, unless it is unnecessary sorted detail that no one needs to hear, and doesn’t contribute to understanding.

But the thing that’s especially difficult to handle is when you hear of the callousness of some of the behavior that people reveal. To learn about how people hurt others can, at times, be almost unbearable if not unbelievable. Yet, it’s true. The results of sin are not pretty. And the way some speak about it isn’t either!

But you must draw a fine line between not allowing it (on the one hand) to so affect you as a counselor that you lose control of your emotions, and (on the other hand) allowing yourself to become insensitive. You must learn to care——carefully!

That may not be easy at first, but after a time you will discover that you have become able to handle accounts even of vile, wretched behavior that was once so loathsome that you couldn’t. The danger, then, is not to become hardened to the wretched effects of sin upon people’s lives.


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