Time for Repairs

Waiting for the repair man. The washer just went out—water on the floor!

Too bad, but this reminds me that counselors are repair men too. Counseling has positive results—when it’s biblical and it’s followed, of course. But fundamentally, even biblical counseling is nothing more than repair work. The counselor is a repair man, par excellence.

We are quite ready to call for the washing machine man. We can’t wait until the repair is done. But why are Christians so reluctant to call for help when things go wrong in their lives?

And, when they talk to Christ’s repair men, why do they begin by making excuses? Why do they try to evade the obvious? Why do they make it hard for them to help?

The answer, of course, is that they are sinners. As sinners, which Christians still are, they resist truth—even when they know otherwise.

But, as the repair man working on the washing machine will tell you, “Lady if you want this thing fixed, you’ll have to cooperate,” so too, a Christian counselor will want cooperation from his counselees as well.

When you go for counseling, don’t hide things that the counselor needs to know to help. Don’t hesitate to follow biblical advice. Don’t give the repair man a hard time. Don’t get in his way. Cooperate. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t be embarrassed to tell the truth—it will all come out in the wash anyway!


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