Are You in the Soup?

This is the way—walk ye in it.

The word torah (usually translated “law”) means to thrust out the finger (thus pointing the way). Like many Hebrew terms, it is a picturesque word. It has to do with pointing in the direction that God would have you go.

God is not One to allow us sinners to decide which course of life we should pursue. He knows we’d go astray. So, He laid it out in plain terms in His Word and then points us to the way He designated—again, in the Scriptures.

From the beginning to the end, the Scriptures are to be the Christian’s guide to life. How is it that a believer fails to do know the will of God in any given situation? He doesn’t know because he doesn’t know the Scriptures.

How is it that he gets into serious difficulties that he might otherwise have avoided? He failed either to see or to obey the finger of God pointing to peace and safety.

How is it that a Christian girl marries a non-Christian boy and their marriage becomes a near hell on earth? She failed to heed the finger pointing in the opposite direction.

In other words, while God has pointed out the way for us to go, we ignore His gracious directions. It is no wonder, then, that we soon find ourselves in the soup!

If only we were always to observe, rather than turn away from the Bible finger that gives such clear directions, we would live in inner peace and joy.

But, sadly, we often wake up too soon. Yet, think a moment, even when you find yourself swimming in the soup—doesn’t the finger continue to point?

Of course it does. It points to confession repentance and forgiveness.

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