It’s All Relative

Well, I made it through both services without incident. The preaching went well, I think, and the people responded even better. A gracious bunch. Didn’t I tell you? I’m sure I mentioned the early afternoon meetings for the elderly. If the church that invited me hadn’t been here in Woodruff—a small city near our home—I couldn’t have traveled there. But, being around the corner (about 7 miles away) the trip was no problem.

It was interesting to meet some who live not far from us whom we have never met before. It was especially so for Betty who met people distantly related to her. She can hardly go anywhere in the vicinity w/o doing so. You can’t throw a rock in any direction w/o hitting a relative of hers!

The only problem I had was with this swollen ankle (from the fall a couple of weeks ago). It’s healing-but a lot slower than I had hoped (actually, it is doing quite well, but I’ve been a bit anxious to walk better sooner).
What about my relatives? Unlike Betty, I have virtually none. My closest ties are with brothers and sisters in the faith. We have, of course, our immediate family—which is rapidly growing (I wasn’t counting them). Indeed, we have as someone said recently, a “clan.”

I’m not sure what a clan is—but is it something like the Hatfields and the McCoys? Perhaps I don’t even want to know.

Are you getting tired of reading all of this personal stuff? Well, you don’t have to, you know. In my books, you will find them squeaky clean of all such things. That’s why, when I found an outlet such as this, I decided to exploit it.

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