Three Mini-Postings

The next time that you go to the store, check out the checkout person. Was she/he polite? Helpful? Friendly?

The next time you go to church, check out the ushers. Were they polite? Helpful? Friendly?

The next time you visit a new church, check out the congregation. Were members polite? Helpful? Friendly?

The next time you go to your church check out yourself—were you polite? Helpful? Friendly?


Last weekend, we all set our clocks ahead one hour. Irritating if you have lots of clocks! Makes me think of people who have the gall to believe they can regulate the world—or even the universe! Cause/combat global warming/ice ages-you know; all of that sort of stuff? How foolish! We can barely affect the small environment surrounding our homes (cf. my blog on Kudzu).


One more mini-blog. I’m neutral concerning Ladybugs.

‘You—neutral about anything?”


“Tell me about it.”

Every year we have at least one good, king size hatch right near our house. Now, Ladybugs are useful little creatures—they kill aphids (that destroy roses) and so on. We’re happy that they’re present to do so.

On the other hand, they have an uncanny ability to get into the house and start crawling around. Now, when they do, they don’t seem to do any harm—it’s just that they’re so annoying—swatting them off of your computer, and so on. But even more annoying is watching them. If they get up high on the wall they will march incessantly, aimlessly, from one end of it to the other. They appear to be going everywhere, but nowhere at the same time! It could get maddening if you spent much time watching them.

But such pointless activity is not limited to Ladybugs. An aimless man, or for that matter, lady, bugs me too!

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