Preaching Hours

Tomorrow and the next day, I will address senior citizens in the Woodruff area at an early afternoon meeting. I suppose that’s one of the privileges that come with old age—you don’t have to go to meetings at night. That’s a plus for me too—I’m fairly tired by the end of the day and I’m not yet awake in the morning.

But being tired, I’ve found, isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. I tend to say what I have to say without elaboration and sit down. So, perhaps, it’s best, for those congregations to which I speak, to talk at night.
When I was pastoring a church, we had two Sunday services. I always preferred preaching at the evening service—and I know that I preached better then. It takes me all day to wake up, I suppose. Wonder what this mid-day service will be like—it’s a new one for me.

In the evening service, you’re not preaching up against hungry stomachs and big dinners. Another advantage. People seem more relaxed. And those who come are usually the cream of the crop.

So, we preachers have our druthers. And congregations, when astute, will catch on to them. Frankly, as far as preaching at a morning service goes, I’d rather not any more—not that I have that many opportunities to do so these days.

So, watch out if you hear I’m speaking in the evening; I may be loaded for bear. At 9 o’clock or noon? Who knows? If I should I ever be foolish enough to speak in the morning again (which I hope will not happen) it might be better not to bother to come.

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