The WHY of Blogging

Why am I bothering to blog? Not because I think that I have all that much to say, but because I think that I have something, however insignificant, to say. It’s in a few large areas, so there’s a lot to talk about in those venues. And I intend to talk about those issues until I’ve exhausted them (or myself).

Then, of course, I enjoy a bit of satire, humor, and the like—although I don’t pretend to be an expert at it. But I do intend to have some fun while writing about mostly serious matters. Why must the two be separated?

OK. So I’ve got that out of my system. Now what? First, a report. The ankle, knee and leg injuries seem to be progressing in the right direction more rapidly than I thought they would. I guess I was sucked into that old idea that when you’re older it takes longer to heal. Early, I suggested that to a physician, who promptly pooh poohed the idea. If things continue as well as they seem to be at the moment, I’ll probably debunk the old idea too. Now, I’m getting into this matter not because you care a lick about my injuries-that is most of you. But because I want to give some other elderly persons hope if they have injuries-and if they have bought into the same idea that I did.

“Yours can’t be as bad as mine!”

Perhaps not, but mine were rather severe. And I’m not out of the woods yet. But things are improving. So, take it for whatever you will—I give it to you—free.

“When you get better will you stop-or slow down on blogging?”

Haven’t the slightest. Ideally, that will depend upon many factors. But, at present, I have no such plans. I like blogging and will surely do much more (DV). By the way-do you know what DV stands for? The Latin Deo Voulente, “God willing.”

So, that’s at least one piece of info. That’s new to some of you, I suppose. Why not try adding it to a letter to an unbeliever, who might ask what it’s about-giving you an opening to talk to him about the Lord?

You’re welcome.

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