Emotions Again?

Well, I made it! Went to WCF class with a sock tightly fitted around the swollen foot which I wedged into a sandal. And taught three more chapters. We’re through chapter 9 now. Then, I used my trusty staff instead of the walker. But I cheated a little—I practiced using the staff earlier at home. After all, I have been using the walker for a solid week.

There have been some interesting comments about God and emotions. Can you tell a counselee, for instance, that God “cares, God is compassionate,” etc? Yes. Yes. Yes. If the Scriptures do, you can too! (does the poetry help at all?). But you must always remember when calling God a fortress or a rock—He isn’t. That’s language that makes a point. When saying, “God repents,” or “isn’t a man that He should repent,” keep in mind that in the first, the Bible speaks anthropomorphically; in the second it speaks of the very nature of GOD Himself. If you keep these two levels in mind, you’ll never go wrong.

Does Jesus, Who still has a body feel emotions? We must say only of His glorified body that fact—it is different. It ascended; passed through walls. We have no idea what all the differences are. So, we don’t know what it does, or doesn’t experience. Better to break out Dt. 29: 29 here.

The whole exchange with those who wrote about this subject was conducted on such a high level that it was a pleasure to correspond with them. It would be great if we always discussed matters in that way.

How are you doing with the TULIP series? Any questions? Problems?

There are a number of blogs that are backlogged (backblogged-as the case may be). Is getting them out two a day, too fast? We hope not. What is your pleasure? Feedback here would help.


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