All the Way There

Human beings have been known to kill their offspring for any number of reasons. Recently, we have read of so-called ‘honor-killings’ that occur for behavior not becoming to one’s religion. But the last point of the Tulipburger affirms that when God gives spiritual life to a person, making him a member of His family, that person is secure forever—He will not kill him spiritually so that he will be assigned to the second death in hell. That last point in the Tulipburger is called, THE PERSEVERENCE OF THE SAINTS. When God declares one “holy” (what the word “saint” means) in Christ, his ultimate salvation doesn’t depend upon his own works, but upon the perfect life and sacrificial death of Jesus.

Peter says that God has laid up an inheritance for each of His children that He preserves in heaven. And not only is the inheritance preserved by God’s power from theft or corruption, Peter goes on to say that the heir is likewise guarded by the power of God. So, it is plain that if nothing can happen either to the inheritance or to the heir, there is no chance of losing salvation.

The way in which they are preserved from apostasy is through the faith that God gives and sustains in them, Peter goes on to say. So, not even they, themselves, are able to frustrate God’s purpose in bringing many sons to glory. They are secure, not because of any merit or ability in themselves, but because of the power of God that is graciously extended to them to enable them to persevere to the end.

Isn’t that great!

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