Relax and Smell the . . . Soup!

Well, it’s time to relax a bit. We’ve sent out a batch of thought-provoking (provoking, anyway) posts, and now it will be interesting to sit back for a while and see what sorts of responses we get to them. Already, some interesting ones have been received. If we think that they have merit, they will often call forth a response from us in terms of another new blog or so.

Noodle soup will be gone until next winter now. Something to look forward to, though far off enough that you’d think it would be forgotten. Not on your life! It’s too great a treat to ever forget. If I’m still blogging, next year at this time I’ll report again about it you can be sure.

“If you’re still blogging? What do you mean by that?”

All sorts of things could stop me. Death, being otherwise incapacitated, new tasks that may take precedence, and—who knows what else? Shall I simply put it in one word: “providence.” I’ve already said enough about providence in previous blogs that there’s no need to rehearse that material here.

And by the way—we archive everything, so if you’re new to this website, start digging into past blogs and you may find our anticipations of some of your belated questions. At any rate, some of the best blogs so far are probably buried among the archives. So, at your leisure, take a gander at them.

Someone suggested we open our blogs like others do to reader comment. We prefer not to. This way, we can say a lot more about a lot more subjects without thinking we have to respond to every comment. By the way, we do usually reply personally, If we think we have anything worthwhile to say. So, you can keep on writing Donn—so long as he holds out.

By the way, some of you who are hovering about the blogs and the website, wondering whether you ought to enroll in the course we offer, might want to consider the matter seriously. If you have any questions that Donn hasn’t already answered in the website and the catalog (how could there be any? It looks to me like he’s covered the waterfront), he’ll be happy to answer them (that is those one or two questions out there that he hasn’t thought of).

So, sit back, relax, keep your computer tuned in to INS and we’ll do our best to stir your minds to think a bit now and then.

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