How are you today? I am recuperating slowly—at about the rate that the snow is receding. Hope you are well.

Now, for today’s concerns

Galatians 4:4 is usually referred to as God providentially arranging for the coming of the Lord Jesus (Roman roads, pax Romana, and so on). All of that may be true, but that wasn’t the intent of the passage:

“When the time had full come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under law.”

Sorry to spill your apple cart.

“Don’t expect to see me picking up apples until I see them rolling on the floor!”

OK. Then, turning back to v. 2, read the context:

But he is under guardians and stewards until the time that was set beforehand by his father.

Read also 3:23-26.

[Now, an interlude: don’t pay any attention to the chapter heading. These headings are not inspired. They were added much later for convenience by others who didn’t always seem to understand why they were doing it. The discussion in ch.3, continues in ch.4]

Back to our verse. Paul is using an illustration. A child is under the care of guardians of various sorts until the time when he comes of age—an age set by his father. Then, the guardians are dismissed and he is no longer under their supervision. Christ, born under the law (its supervision), fully kept it and at His resurrection, freed us from the penalty of the law—just as He was freed from having to keep the law any longer. That is the time referred to. It is the time of freeing us from the OT guardianship of the law.

Now—there is still soup left over for today. I want you to know that because I am sure that you can practically taste it in your mouths, and I wanted to give you one more opportunity to do so.

Mmmmmmmm—good, huh?

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