Learn Patience — Now!

Well, I had to call for help this morning; the computer wasn’t functioning correctly. The man who worked with me patiently took me through the ropes (it took about fifteen minutes) explaining as we went—and, in addition, giving me some hints about other ways of using the computer.

He was great. Not only did he solve my problem—I wasn’t getting into email easily (had to use round-about ways of doing so)—but he had superlative patience. We could all learn something about being patient with one another from the way he treats people.

You say, “Ah, but he’s been trained that way—it’s a part of his job description.”

I wouldn’t want to deny that, of course, but let me ask you a simple question: “isn’t that a part of the believer’s job description as well?”

If he could learn to be patient with people simply to hold his job; why aren’t we concerned about being patient out of a much higher motive?


Pleasing God!

And, to boot, remember how patient God is with you!

So, there is no excuse for impatience. (And if you don’t learn patience soon, I don’t know what I’ll do with you!)


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