You and Your Pastor

If it were up to you to determine what your pastor should do, what would it be?

“Care for the people? Preach interesting sermons? Baptize, marry and bury people?”

Can you think of anything else?

“Not really.”

How about what Paul said in Ephesians 4:12, where he outlined the principal reason for the gift of the officers of the church as equipping the saints for their work of service to build up His body?

“Somehow, that just didn‘t come to mind.”

Well, it it’s true—and you know it is, Christian—shouldn’t it be happening?

“Guess so.”

Two things stand out:

  1. You are to be equipped by your pastor
  2. You have a work of service to do that will benefit the church.

Are these things happening?

“Uh . . . Not sure”

Well, either your pastor is remiss, you are remiss, or both of you are remiss. Which is it?

“I’d hate to say.”

Well, it’s time you determined to be built up in your faith to the point where you contribute to the welfare of the whole church. If you aren’t aware of this important function of your pastor-teacher in equipping you, then you need to become aware of it. One way is to ask your pastor how you need to be equipped, and what you should do to enable you to become equipped to help the body. That, perhaps, is the very best way to begin. Start with yourself. Then, you can handle any other aspects of the problem that may arise. But until you have dealt with your side of the matter, it isn’t time to consider any other.

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