This and That

Let me tell you how good that noodle soup was! No, that wouldn’t be fair to tempt you with a description. Better left unsaid. Just this word: wow!

A summer sun in March in the South has warming power. Though the air’s temperature wasn’t all that warm, the sun’s was. There was a lot of melting going on, and I received a weather alert an hour or so ago warning of “black ice.” Wouldn’t want to have to go anywhere in the car tonight!

Now down to the business of the moment. Someone has asked for a photo of my staff, I’ve been dickering over whether or not to grant the request. After all, it’s a handsome, exclusive, handmade object, the likes of which has never been seen before. I’d hate to have someone go into business manufacturing such (unless they let me in on the profits!). First thing you know, everybody who reads this blog will want one. And we don’t want to deplete Australia of all its brass dollar coins. Oh well, I still haven’t made up my mind—any help offered will be gladly received: should I or should I not relent? [give reasons for your answer]

I’m wondering why anyone would want to see a photo of my staff after I took such pains to carefully describe it. What could a picture add?

Now to the real business. People are curious. Certainly that is a God-given trait, and I should commend the person who is curious enough about my stick to want to see a real live photo of it. But, as they say, “curiosity killed the cat.”

Speaking of cat, our thirteen year old cat died a couple of weeks ago. One of my grandsons buried her (his first funeral). We had been taking her to the vet who held out little hope for her. She had a leg broken in at least two places and who knows what else wrong with her. She may have met her match in the woods behind our house. Once before she escaped the jaws of some beast with part of her tail stripped off! This beast must have got her by the tail and she made headway for home minus a portion of her tail! But she survived that just fine. She was a good old cat who caused no trouble, and we will miss her.

We do have another cat that adopted us. Someone must have dumped her out here in the boonies. She showed up on the back porch a year or so ago—all skin and bones. Who knows how long she wandered before we took her in? My wife brought her in that first day, and she’s been her cat ever since; she barely tolerates me—the cat, that is. We fed her, and fed her, and fed her. Now she’s a tub. We have to keep food away from her or she’d devour as much as we’d give her. I like cats—they’re so self sufficient. Not like a dog that you have to take care of in so many more ways. We’ve had our share of both. We like both; we like animals.

Well, the noodle soup is swirling about in my innards and I’m getting sleepy. So long for tonight (I think).

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