There’s a Reason for the Snow

There are reasons for rejoicing in a 7 inch snow! In my stay here in SC (nearly 20 years) this is the first big one. It’s about time! Schools are out, RBCTI is shut down for the night, nothing is moving but snowballs that my granchildren are slinging. What a beautiful sight it all is.

But, now, how are we to look at the snowfall biblically? It’s a gift from God—even as all things are in the final analysis. Think of all the people who didn’t have to go to work—everything shuts down here. Think of the added day of slower pace and rest we can all enjoy. Think of the fun the kids can have. Think of the beauty of it all.

But do you appreciate it? Have you taken time to thank God for it? Do you still see the weather under God’s control as Isaish did (Isa. 55)? Or have you gone the way of so many today—thinking that weather is a natural phenomenon that God has little or nothing to do with? If so, it’s time to learn from the snow.

And, speaking of Isaiah 55, notice what the snow illustrates—the Word of God that accomplishes its purposes—just as the snow does. So—you see—snow has a purpose, and it will not return void either! Thank God for snow!

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