Are You Troubled?

Are you troubled by the machinations of wicked persons? Well, you ought to be since God is! But is it all one-sided? Are God’s people the only ones to endure ills—and no one else?

Listen to what God said about this matter:

There is no peace for the wicked says my God.   (Isaiah 57:21 HCSB)

Take heart in the fact that the wicked are like the troubled (storm-tossed) sea (v. 20) They do not have true, lasting peace. Oh, they have their seasons of happiness, revelry, etc., but these don’t last. Nor are they truly satisfying. God sees to that. He troubles them inwardly—even if you can see no such trouble outwardly—Be assured of this! He calls them through their troubles to repent. Some do—and it may or may not make the headlines. But, of course, most do not. So God brings judgment. Now that is real trouble!

Regardless of how they respond to troubles, be assured they do come!

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