Christians Do Fall

They fall in a variety of ways—

They fail in their endeavors to serve the Lord., They fall in the ways they represent Him before the world They fall in their relationships with one another. They fall in raising their kids. Face it—Christians fall; there is no denying it. Some pretend—putting on a “good front.” But every discerning believer knows that it is a front and not what is behind it! If you are genuine, you will admit that you fall in many ways, again and again (seven times is not a limiting number here).

Well, what shall we say about it? Is there any hope for us? Can we do better? Yes. First by taking hope. Listen to this:

Though a righteous man falls seven times, he will get up . . .       (Proverbs 24:16).

The words “righteous man” are the OT equivalent for the NT testament “saint.” As you can see from the juxtaposition of “fall” and “righteous” the latter word doesn’t mean without fault!.

There is great assurance in this verse—God doesn’t let His children wallow at the feet of the world, utterly defeated. In repentance, believers find the Lord takes them by His hand and lifts them up! Take these reassuring words to heart, believer: they are for you when next time you stumble and fall!

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