Who Was It Who Went Ahead?

Jesus and the disciples finally headed toward Jerusalem. His time had come. In anticipation, Gethsemane showed how excruciating an experience the cross would be. Jesus knew what He was about to endure. Yet, we read,

He took the lead as He went up to Jerusalem. (Lk. 19:28 CCNT/P)

It was not one of the disciples—not even hasty, impulsive Peter; it was the Lord Himself for took the lead as they headed for the cross! He did not hesitate to do what He had come to do: die for guilty sinners who could be forgiven only by faith in His substitutionary, sacrificial act. He come to lead many sons to glory!

How like the Lord! We do not (indeed, could not) take the initiative: He must do so—even today when the application of His work on Calvary is applied to us by faith! We do not choose Him; He chose us! Even the faith by which we receive His gift of eternal life is a “gift” (Eph. 2:8,9).

We were dead in trespasses and sins; He gave us life to believe.

Because eternal life is a free gift, and not a payment for effort on our part, you can become one of those who receives it. Repent of your sin and trust in Christ as the One Who died for you, paying the penalty for your sin, and you will receive the gift! Reach out your hand of faith and He will immediately place the gift in it!

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