O Come On!

According to an article in The Christian Post, Dr. Ben Carson, 7th Day Adventist and would-be aspirant to the presidency, virtually told us that God helped him cheat while in school!

According to the article in today’s blog, when he was unprepared for a chemistry test (essential to getting into medicine) he was unprepared and in a dream God gave him all the answers that he should have had on his own!

Strange doctrine indeed!

2 thoughts on “O Come On!

  1. Great to hear from you Peter. Thanks for your kind words.

    All I can say is that if someone believes God gives revelation through dreams these days then he means something entirely different by the phrase “sufficiency of Scripture” than we do.


  2. As a long-time supporter of Jay Adams, I am nevertheless disappointed with the article essentially ridiculing (calling him a liar and questioning his integrity) Ben Carson’s experience of having been helped by God through a dream in relation to an impending exam. I myself earlier in my life when working for an IT company and under pressure to meet a normal hours deadline and also do the homework for an after hours course was given the answer in a dream to one of the homework problems which had a tricky catch to it and which I had not been able to solve. I woke up knowing it was the right answer and so it proved. Of course this was unusual and of course hard work is the right method of preparation, but occasionally God does help us supernaturally when we need it.

    I believe this was such an occasion for Carson.

    Though I disagree with this aspect of Jay Adams’ theology, I have been tremendously assisted by Jay Adams’ books and am firmly committed to the sufficiency of scripture.
    Peter Robinson