Then . . . Like All the Nations (1 Samuel 8:20)

God had just become their King—when they complained about it! It didn’t take long for them to go astray.

They wanted an earthly king “like all the nations.”

That tragic desire and decision, was the beginning of the end. Soon, they would be living like those nations: worshiping idols, following practices that were opposed to Scriptural commandments, etc. Ultimately, it would bring destruction of the temple, Jerusalem, and the people for good! How tragic!

But it began early.

God’s people don’t outwardly cry out for a king other than Jesus Christ Who is the King over His church. But they often live like the world around them—which, in the end, is precisely the same thing.

Believer, do you find yourself wishing to be more like the nations (world) around you? Have you become no different from the unsaved people who live on your street?

Israel had no more than become a theocracy—i.e., a nation governed by God—than they went astray. Think about this thoroughly. If you need help, read the rest of the book of 1 Samuel and you’ll understand the results of doing so!





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