Rumors, Rumors!

Now, let’s get it straight—there’s nothing to the rumor.

“What rumor?”

The rumor that I’ve decided to stop writing Greg Dawson books. Nothing of the sort. Two are published, three more are completed and I‘m, working on the last. But all of that is temporarily on hold until the intervening volumes are first published.

“Is that so? I heard another rumor too.”

What’s that?

“That you’re busy revising Competent to Counsel—bringing it up to date, and all of that sort of thing,”

Nothing less than another false rumor, probably set afoot by Donn Arms. He’s always trying to talk me into doing so. It might be worth doing if there were a number of new biggies on the scene—you know—the sort I wrote about in another blog. But there aren’t. No, I have no plans for doing anything of the kind.

“Hmmmm. . . . Then what might you still write about?”

Actually, I haven’t given it much thought. There are several books that have been completed which haven’t yet been published. There’s a book on how to teach counseling, one about the process of writing, a book of 365 thoughts for every day in the year, and . . . Actually, . . . I’ve forgotten what else.

“Would you be interested in people making suggestions?”

Well, I guess so, Just so long as they wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t take their suggestions. I have to have a burden for a subject before I write a book about it. Writing is hard work; people who have never written an entire book have no idea how difficult it is. It wears you out.

“But you now know the tricks of the trade, so it’s easier I suppose.”

Not much. It’s still work. You commit yourself to weeks of work when you begin a new book. The carpenter who knows the tricks of his trade still has to work hard at building the house. There’s no easy way around it. But there’s something fulfilling about it too.

“Well, will you let me know if and when you decide to begin a new book?”

Sure, I’ll probably write a blog about it.

“Good. Perhaps, then, some of your readers will be able to give you some suggestions.”

That would be interesting.

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