Borderline Personality Disorder

A request for info on borderline personality disorder, so-called, just came in.

Let’s consider two things:

  1. What is personality?

Personality is that which a human being develops as he uses his basic genetic traits to live in various more-or-less changeable ways at various times; ways which are more or less visible by how he thinks, acts and speaks.

  1. What is meant by disorder?

There is no such thing as disorder without a standard of what order is. Disorder is failure to conform to that standard.

So personality disorder is when a person lives as noted in #1 in such a way a to fail to conform to some standard of order.

Now, since the world has no knowledge of what God’s ‘’order” is, it has no way of stating who is/is not living disorderly. One person’s order is another’s disorder – and visa versa. Just because one group of people decide what order is that does not make it so; others may not agree with their conclusions—indeed, if the members of that group are not Christians—we will certainly NOT agree!

So, what is personality disorder (there is no borderline disorder—one is either orderly or disorderly in his life according to God)? Something that a person develops as his way of living that fails to satisfy a group which sets a standard to which he does not conform.

2 thoughts on “Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. Its more alarming than one would think. If God says that we (Believers) are to be like Christ (Rom 8:29) and He is our standard. Then who is the standard (singular) for the UNBELIEVING group of an orderly personality. 2 Cor 4:4? Very alarming that so many believers go to these unbelieving “professionals” to learn their standard. Yikes!

  2. Clear, concise, and precise. Thank you. And, if I might humbly assert, biblically correct, too. Very helpful answer.