Immortality Now!

Until he reached Rome, Paul was immortal.

“How so?”

Because the Lord stood by him and told him that as he has testified in Jerusalem, he would also testify in Rome.

The devil threw everything he could at him to prevent it. There was the nefarious plan of the wicked Sanhedrin to condemn and kill him. It failed. There was the plot of the men who vowed not to eat or drink till they did away with him. They went hungry for a long time! There was the possibility of being sent back to Jerusalem that never materialized. There was the shipwreck which he survived. There was the poisonous snake that bit him, but he didn’t die. Nothing could keep Paul from testifying before Nero at Rome. God has ordained it. Until then, he was immortal.

The same thing was true of Peter. Jesus predicted the sort of death on a cross that he would die. Until then, he too was immortal. Some who were alive in Jesus’ day He said would survive until they saw His judgment—comingĀ in 70AD. They did. Until then, they were immortal.

So are you, Christian. So long as God continues to give you breath and you have not completely accomplished His purposes for you, you are immortal. The only difference—and it is a large one, I admit—is that God hasn’t told you about any event in your future that you would live to see. Yet, the fact remains, you are at present immortal!

What should this mean to you? Simply this: you will play your part in God’s plan, whatever that is. Nothing can stop you; no one can withstand you until then. You have a part to play; a destiny to fulfill. No one “dies before his time,” as we sometimes say of a youth who dies. But neither does anyone live a day longer than God ordained. Until He is finished with you, you are immortal.

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