What Is the “Blessed Hope?”

It’s our being caught up into the air to meet Jesus at His coming, of course.”


“Wrong? Why I read about this in Titus 2:13. How can you say that?”

Easily: by reading the passage; and not reading anything into it.


I’ll let the passage do so:

We wait for the blessed hope and (better, “even”[1]) the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Do you get it? What we wait for isn’t what happens to us—it’s what happens to Jesus: the important thing isn’t our going; it’s His coming.

And it’s not just His coming—but how He will come. He will appear in a glory that makes it clear to all who He is: God as well as Savior.

In that day we who know Him won’t focus on ourselves—we’ll focus on Him! It would seem wise to do so now, as the Great God and Savior, as well as then, wouldn’t it?

[1] He Greek word “KAI” can mean either and or even.

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