To Preach, or Not to Preach—That is the Question

At least it was in the time when Amos wrote his prophecy. Listen to this:

You . . . commanded the prophets ‘’Do not prophesy!” (Amos 2: 12)

But Amos replies:

God has spoken; who will not prophesy? (3: 8)

There are, as well, those who do not want to hear the truth today—who would say the same thing if given an opportunity. But where are the preachers who will answer as Amos did?

There are many who don’t utter the words that Israel did, but think it—and their preachers know that they do. They will listen to all sorts of preaching, but just let the preacher get near their favorite sins—then they think (if not say) “Don’t preach about that.

Preacher—have you any members of your congregation like that? Who talk that way—or, at the least think it and talk to others like that? If so—what is your response (verbally—or by what you do or don’t preach)?

Worth thinking about?  What do you say?

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