Welcome to our New “Blog”

Well, hello!  If you are new to our website, or if our website is new to you (we just reworked it, as you can see), let me enthusiastically greet you!

From time to time in this column (a term I prefer over “blog”) I intend to write “pithy” (shades of Bill O’Reilly) articles that I hope will be of interest, and perhaps, even of help to you.  While the emphasis in this website will be upon counseling matters, or those closely related to them, I don’t intend to confine myself to such topics.  I’ll be writing about any number of things that interest me, and I hope will interest you too.  So, here we go–off to a new start, with a new column and a new year. May the Lord bless you this year as you seek to serve Him.

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