An Important Prayer . . .

For all Bible students:

        Help me to understand the meaning of Your precepts, So that I can meditate on Your wonders.—Psalm 119:27 (HCBS)

Christian meditation is not a matter of following the advice of the gurus. It consists of meditating upon the truths found in the Scriptures. Since that is the case, the words of the Psalmist make sense. Don’t they?

If the sum and substance of our meditation (which in Scripture means to mull over God’s truth in order to discern various applications of it to one’s life which he then puts into effect), then we should be deeply concerned that what we are meditating upon is accurate.  Often, meditation—without careful exposition of the Bible—ends up spending time reinforcing some incorrect, unscriptural notion that we then (to our spiritual injury) put into practice.

So—ask God to enable your study before meditation to be profitable so that proper meditation may be based upon it.

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