Pride and Humility

When pride comes disgrace follows; But with humility comes wisdom.     Proverbs 11:2 (CSB)

What a wonderful verse—so clear; so cogent. Everywhere around us people speak proudly.  How the warning of this verse needs trumpeting about!

But it’s the second half of the verse that I wish to emphasize: humility is the way to wisdom. How is that? What is the writer telling us?

The answer is simple: unless one is humble enough to day “I don’t know,” he will not learn the facts and skills that are a part of God’s wisdom. Until a person admits his lacks, he is not ready to receive anything from anyone else. That is true in everyday life among men. But it is particularly so when it comes to learning the true wisdom of God.  You can be filled to overflowing with such wisdom if you are only willing to submit to the humble discipline of going to the Scriptures with an open heart and mind, anxious to be taught those things that you don’t—but need–to know.

Think about this the next time you open your Bible!

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