Homiletics Friday!

Preaching_TheoMattersWhile Jay Adams is best known for his work in the area of biblical counseling you should know that his training and passion has been primarily for the study and teaching of homiletics. He was serving as a homiletics professor when he was first assigned the task of teaching counseling. It was that assignment that drove him to the Scriptures to learn what they had to say about counseling. Later, Dr. Adams established and taught a D. Min. program in homiletics at Westminster Seminary in California.

We have in our archives a treasure trove of articles Jay has penned over years that deal with every aspect of preaching. Beginning next week we will be posting one of those articles every Friday for the foreseeable future. These articles will then be archived in a special section on our website.

Pastors, here is a great way to sharpen your skills as a preacher and minister of the Word. Be sure to check in each Friday and let Dr. Adams help you with all aspects of your preaching ministry. We will be looking forward to hearing from you how Jay has been able to help you sharpen your skills.

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