On The Other Hand . . .

Last week I wrote about the need for preachers to speak loudly enough for semi-deaf persons (like me) to hear their messages. What I am saying today doesn’t contradict those words.

Often preachers speak loudly (even yell) when there is no reason for doing so. Some begin their messages the way one person I know does (on a loud note and never changes his volume for the rest of the sermon)!  Everything is shouted at us. This tendency—in certain preaching circles—is foolish and demeaning to the message of their texts. There is no reason, for instance, to make a fist, wave it in the air and yell (scream) “God loves you!” It is not only inappropriate to do so, but also stupid!

Should a preacher ever raise his voice—to the point of shouting (or yelling)? Of course, John the Baptizer did—but he was an outdoor preacher and had to be heard by crowds that were listening from a distance.

I suppose it might be appropriate when someone goes to sleep (and it isn’t the fault of the preacher) sometime to blast out a “NOW! Let’s turn to the next point.” But even that’s doubtful.

When, if ever should you shout? One rule—when the content calls for it! Delivery (use of voice and body) should always grow out of and be appropriate to content. Never the other way around!

So, let me encourage you not to shout UNLESS IT’S APPROPRIATE TO DO SO!!!!!!!!!!!

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