Internet articles tell us that the new pope, who says he didn’t want to be pope, is thinking of beatifying (making saints) out of many martyrs.


The fact is that God has already made saints out of millions of believers throughout the ages.  And He’s still in the business of doing so today!

You see, the church doesn’t canonize anyone as a saint—that is an unbiblical Roman Catholic idea.  According to such foolery people become saints only after death, having performed miracles and declared such by the RCs.

Actually, the Bible calls every true believer a saint—while he is still alive!

It is God who makes people saints by regeneration and faith. Even the Corinthians were designated “saints” by saint Paul (1 Corinthians 1: 2).  As you read that epistle, you find that many in this church were anything but “saintly,” (as we often think of people who are exceptionally righteous). Indeed, just about every problem imaginable was occurring in that church, and yet, these Christians were called “saints.”

Well, then, what is a saint?  He (she) is a saved person—a genuine Christian—regardless of his (her) state of righteousness.

How come?

You see, the word saint simply means “one who has been set apart from others.”

Saints, as God speaks of them in the Bible, are those He has set apart for himself.  They come in all stages of holiness—and are in the process of being set apart more and more to God in everyday living, becoming increasingly what they are in their status before him as His own.

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