Cursing the Good!

In the last book of the OT, chapter 4, the last word is “curse.” The Jews were so troubled by this that some of them took a more pleasant verse from a passage before and added it to the end of the book.  In that way it wouldn’t end with this word!

But notice what Malachi had to say earlier on

I will curse your blessings (2:2; HCSB)

What an amazing statement! Think about it—all the wonderful things that God had done for His people would be cursed. That is to say, in the end, they would turn out to be a curse upon the sinning, unrepentant people, rather than the blessing they were intended to be.

Think about this statement—how much God has blessed America—but how those blessings have become a curse upon us since we misused them (focusing on the blessings rather than the One who gave them to us). Think about how the statement could be true of some of the blessings you personally have that, if misused, will also become a curse to you and your family rather than a blessing.

Learn, instead, to thank God for every blessing that is yours and take no glory for yourself. Use your blessings for His honor and serve Him faithfully using every blessing as a means for doing so. If you fail to do this, these blessings may end up cursing you!

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