Give This Some Thought

Here is a passage to contemplate:

A man with valuable possessions,
But without understanding,
Is like the animals that perish.     (Psalm 49:20)

In other words, when he dies, his death amounts to little more than road-kill.

There is no blessed future for him.  The promises under the magnificent features listed in Revelation 21, 22 are not for him.

Indeed, in some ways, he is in a worse condition than those animals—there awaits him the lake of fire with its eternal suffering. That is far worse than the annihilation of an animal!

What makes the difference? The psalmist says “understanding”—or the lack thereof. Understanding of what? Of God’s redemptive work in His Son Jesus Christ who died for the sins of those who would trust in Him,. For details, see our Archives under “salvation.” Don’t go on in life without ever coming to an understanding of it.

Do you understand this?

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