Your New Year

So, you’ve begun the New Year—did you begin well? Is the Lord uppermost in what you’ve determined, said and done so far? How have you begun: that’s the question?

If well, then continue; if poorly, perhaps you need to repent and begin all over again. If partially well. partially poor, then examine what’s behind each, continue what went well in God’s sight, then continue, if poorly, whatever you discovered helped you to please God—and begin doing it across the board.

Perhaps you have been failing to sit under the preaching of the Word in church.  If so, begin this week attending—there is hardly anything more important you could do this Sunday than listen to the truth of God for your life. Take this to heart, and act accordingly.

I will not begin to mention the many other ways you might begin the year differently, but you can discover them for yourself. Will you?

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