Baby Jesus?

Jesus came to save those who would believe in Him. It was no easy, sentimental event.

Those who swoon over the babe in Bethlehem, with a totally unbiblical emphasis, miss the point of the incarnation. Jesus had to become like us in order to bear our iniquities—so the Father prepared Him a body. In it He could go to the cross (no “swoonable” event!). Yet we keep on singing of Jesus “meek and mild” as though it is the baby we should worship. We sing that He didn’t cry—like all other babies!

No! He was God, manifest in the flesh, but never do the Scriptures emphasize the infancy or childhood of the Lord. That, simply, wasn’t in view. It was as Messiah (the One Anointed as our Prophet, Priest, and King) alone that was the thrust of Revelation. And this took place at the baptism by John. There the Spirit came upon Him, endowing Him for His work of redemption. We worship Him as the Savior, Who died in our place. Let’s stop this talk about a cuddly baby.


Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas,
Jay and Betty Jane Adams

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