Report from the Doctor

Jim Halla is a local physician, biblical counselor, NANC Fellow, author, and good friend. He visited Dr. Adams in the hospital yesterday and sent me this report. I thought you would enjoy it.

The MDs were able to turn off the dopamine drip last night. I saw him at 2:00 and his vital signs were stable. They have moved him to restorative care.

He is still short of breath at rest but obviously progressing from previously. He is still being anti-coagulated. He has a long way to go.

It is interesting to talk with him. I have seen Jay as a real person who has preached, taught, and struggled. I told him that living as if God was sovereign was a great testimony to his and our God. He accepts reproofs, exhortation, and encouragements. He is now ministering to hospital personnel.

He appreciates nurses praying for him and company. He is just like you and me in that sense. I told Jay that watching and hearing him live (think, desire, act) has about trumped all that he has written.  He and I talked practical theology and he recalled much of our conversation. Praise God.

God has been very good to give us people who in a large way “put their money where their mouth is” (we would say heart). Jay thanked me for that and reminded me he was not perfect/he was a sinner. I readily agreed. He laughed. Then we talked theology.

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