Someone has found 684 commands in the New Testament. Accurate or not, the number must be somewhere nearly so.

And, yet, there are those who believe that any command given to another believer is merely law or works, or something equally as reprehensible to them.

It is neither wrong for God to command us (as Christ in the great commission did), nor preachers today to do so. God doesn’t wrong us by doing so; He commands His children as any good Father would—for our benefit. Why is it, then, that this strange idea is abroad today that all commands are wrong?

Is the problem, then, that we ought not need commands, and that the idea of issuing commands indicates those who need them are living at a lower level than they should?  Or is it simply that the objectors just don’t like to be told what to so?

Whatever the reason, commands there are in the Bible—and we’d better heed all of those directed to us. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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