Left Lanes

If you’ve ever driven in Europe, the first obvious problem is to learn to drive forward on left lanes. It’s so easy to go wrong—and even occasion an accident! How come? Because we Westerners (i.e.., those who drive west of the Atlantic ocean) are used to dong the opposite.

“Used to”—those are interesting words.  I suppose that they come from the idea of doing something regularly enough that it is what you do when you drive in the usual way in the USA.

Now, this “used to-ness” is a capacity that God built into us.  He did so for our benefit—so that every time we do something we would not have to learn the practice all over again. Now that would keep us from getting much accomplished. We’d spend most of the time trying to learn the practice which we would have to learn all over again.

The only problem is that we too often learn to do habitually lots of wrong things instead of righteous ones! It takes conscious effort to learn to do holy actions instead of, and –in addition to—regular practices (just like driving on the right side of the road).

Of  course, that’s the second factor—discovering which is the right side of the road—so far as God is concerned. Only the Bible can settle that matter. Other ideas are (at best) only guesses.

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