What Is Food to You?

Jesus said, His food was to do the will of God, who sent Him to do it. (John 4:33,35). What did He mean?

The disciples expected Jesus to be hungry; He wasn’t. They couldn’t understand this, so they asked Him if someone had brought Him some food in their absence. That was when He spoke about His food.  He was saying that He needed no other food to satisfy His appetite. He had sufficiently satisfied any hunger He had, by satisfy a greater hunger—to do God’s will.

Do you receive satisfaction from doing God’s will, Christian? If so, good.  If not, there is something wrong with your perspective on life. To please God by doing His will ought to be so soul-satisfying that all other hungers (for food, money, fun) should take a back seat to it.  He could tell them that He was filed with the greatest food—obeying His heavenly father. He had been doing God’s will by witnessing to the woman at the well.

What satisfies you above all else? Do you have a hunger for pleasing God by doing His will? Even witnessing to her was not satisfying, in itself. It was only so because to do it was to do God’s will. As God for this hunger if you don’t have it—otherwise, you will to be able to say what Paul did in Philippians 2:13 (look it up!).

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